Family History

By Doug Mayberry Q: I am a widowed 68-year-old male who has gotten a family wake-up call. No one has plans or has written our families’ history. Our parents have passed, and I realize I have become the only willing … Continued

Looking for a Job Is Your Job

Looking for a Job Is Your Job By Doug Mayberry Q: Both our grandchildren, who are twins, will graduate in June. They are hopeful of finding a job. They have asked us for help and guidance. They are realistic and … Continued

Esophogeal cancer

  The Esophageal Cancer Action Network (ECAN) hopes that Dolly Parton’s recently reported surgery to address reflux disease will raise awareness of the cancer risk posed by the disease. ECAN is a national non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to saving lives … Continued

More Education Means Better Retirement

The more education you have the better off you are likely to be during retirement, according to a new study from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). “For those over age 65 who wish to continue working, each year … Continued

Online scammers target seniors

Scammers frequently target the elderly more than other demographics due to perceptions that older Americans are more easily confused by technology, more trusting and more likely to have a nest egg. Therefore, Scambook, the Internet’s leading complaint resolution platform, is … Continued

Vets Get Mortgage Deal

By Terry Savage Veterans can get a very special deal on mortgages through the VA loan program. If they meet the qualifications, a vet can get a home mortgage with ZERO down payment — a rarity in this day of … Continued

The Language of Dementia

  By Carrie Shamel, MSW     I always tell people that one magical aspect of working with people with dementia is that you can still communicate, even if the affected person has lost the ability to speak coherently. I … Continued

What Will Your Legacy Be?

By Harland Goodwin   For many, the focus of estate planning is what or how much to leave the children and/or relatives, health care directives, who will have power of attorney, etc.  Few of us truly consider what we want … Continued

To avoid phone scams, follow these steps

Avoiding phone scams Scambook, an Internet complaint resolution platform, is warning seniors about phone scams involving Medicare. The company has received over 100 consumer complaints about one alleged benefits company that has conned elderly Americans out of more than $130,000 … Continued