Elder Care Connections of Vermont

24 Mill Pond Lane
South Burlington, VT

Elder Care Connections of Vermont is a geriatric care management business.  Our stories are not unique as our society encounters an exploding population of Baby Boomers and older seniors. We have faced the difficulties of having a loved one affected by Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other health concerns associated with aging. We have successfully faced the coordination of elder care, home care, medical professionals, housing alternatives and the myriad of financial and legal concerns related to this stage of life. From our experiences managing these intense issues our business, Elder Care Connections of Vermont, was born.  Call us today at 802-999-9172 or 802-324-6562 for an initial complimentary phone consultation.

Elder Care Connections of Vermontvirtual family members who bring you peace of mind.   We provide two basic care packages to families:

1. Blueprint for Care:

This is a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s present living situation.  We sit down with and interview all relevant family members to discuss areas of concern.  We use telephone interviews for all relevant out of town family members. From there we develop a comprehensive care plan for your loved one(s) providing a clear idea of the range of needed support, helping you to budget for services.  We  address all areas of well-being including:

  • safety
  • medical issues
  • health insurance
  • finances
  • legal issues
  • nutrition
  • cognition – memory and thinking skills
  • psychosocial concerns
  • in-home care
  • companionship
  • house cleaning
  • home maintenance
  • transportation options
  • housing choices


2. Blueprint for Care Plus – In It Together!

Let us help you.  With this package, we take your individualized Blueprint for Care plan and help you implement as many recommendations as desired.  We  match available services to your needs.  We can arrange for and oversee all needed medical and professional services available to you.  We communicate with and keep all relevant family members up to date by phone, email or Skype.  We continuously monitor the well-being of your loved one(s).